About me

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Linowitz

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematics at Dartmouth College.  My advisor is Thomas Shemanske, and I am part of the number theory group.  I received my B.A. degree with Honors in Mathematics from University of Rochester in 2008 and my M.A. degree in Mathematics from Dartmouth College in 2010.  I spent my junior year abroad on the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and the Math in Moscow study abroad programs.

Peter’s Mathematica labs in Winter 2011 kindled my interest in programming.  I find functional programming and Mathematica’s Lisp-inspired uniform syntax very appealing.  I have since gone through the delectable The Little Schemer which rid me of my fear of recursion and indirectly led me to the body of work by the (Racket) PLT group.  For my research, I use Mathematica to visualize geometric structures and to tease out conjectures from number-theoretic data.  More broadly, I am interested in computational exploration of mathematical problems.

On page 26 of The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, Paul Zeitz recommended that the readers learn to play a strategic game such as chess or go.  I took his advice to heart and challenged one of my friends in high school to a game of chess that same day — and I lost.  With that loss as an impetus, I soon found out that chess could be just as engrossing as mathematics.  These days I enjoy solving endgame studies, not just  to improve my endgame skills, but also to appreciate the depth and beauty in those compositions.  I am also fond of team tournaments, and most recently I teamed with friends from the Dartmouth Chess Club at the Eastern Team Championship.


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